What The Kindle Cannot Do #10

April 27, 2009

What The Kindle Cannot Do #10

Yesterday's New York Times gave us item #10 of our Kindle Can't Do list. One that we had not thought about...but will strike romantics and operators as an obvious one. No, the Kindle will not provide you with a great pick up line or as Ellen Feldman puts it, it may deprive us of an  "ineffable kinship among book lovers!" No more spotting a cover and sharing that sense that you know something about that person that is deeper than what they appear to be. You know something about their soul....


* For those of us who've carried Kindles out there in the real world, this argument only holds so far. Cause what we have experienced is "Kindle fellowship". The "Oh! another Kindle owner" -- or strangers' avid curiosity about seeing someone holding the "infamous" tablet. It does not compete directly with a cover, a dog or a baby but trust me: it is up there!

** As we end this mini series, one concludes that looking at a new technology with suspicion and sometimes resentment is only natural.

It is hard not to turn with nostalgia to what used to be. Especially when it means closing the door on our own histories. One misses LPs not for the music engraved on them but for the memory of what our lives used to be like, the rituals that inhabited the world in which we grew up and the people we shared those moments with. It is hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Some of us do it better and faster than others....but we all end up doing it.




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