Beirut Recognized for Commitment to Dialogue

May 1, 2009

Beirut Recognized for Commitment to Dialogue

After years of being associated with political unrest or worse, Beirut is finally getting its due as it gets recognized by UNESCO as the Book World Capital of 2009. From April 23 and thru April 22nd, 2010, book lovers can rejoice, as hundreds of book events will be taking place throughout the city. 

The organizers have three hopes for the event, that it: bolster the book industry, with an emphasis on youth literature; promote reading; and adopt a diversified approach to culture. 

To that effect, a panel of regional authors will select the top 39 Beirut authors under 40 and promote their work at international festivals. Schools will design exercises that encourage students to emulate writing from selected texts of various authors; and writers and publishers will visit Lebanon and meet with their counterparts.

Fringe events include the release of a film by Jocelyn Saab entitled "Beirut in love with Books" ; a 10-day art, music and dance event that explores Jean Genet thru the eyes of Arabs; as well as a Dar al Saqi' s local version of BookCrossing called " I found a Book" that scatters 200 books throughout the city for readers to find.

For more details about activities taking place during the year, read the full article in the Daily Star.


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