Ceridwen Dovey

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“He came every two months for a sitting. Always early in the day, usually on a Friday, when he still had something vital in his face from the week’s effort, but a mellowness in his eyes from the knowledge it was almost over.”

Ceridwen Dovey was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. She grew up mostly in the small town of East London in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, but went to high school in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from Harvard, she made a documentary film about South African wine farm empowerment projects, Aftertaste, which has been screened at ethnographic film festivals around the world. After a year as a research assistant for the current affairs program NOW with Bill Moyers, Ceridwen moved to Cape Town for two years, where she wrote Blood Kin as her thesis for the Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Cape Town. She now lives in New York City.

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