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“The Quality of Life Task Force: four sweatshirts in a bogus taxi set up on the corner of Clinton Street alongside the Williamsburg Bridge off-ramp to profile the incoming salmon run; their mantra: Dope, guns, overtime; their motto: Everyone’s got something to lose.”

Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, Richard Price is the author of eight novels: The Wanderers, Bloodbrothers, Ladies’ Man, The Breaks, Clockers, Freedomland, Samaritan, and now Lush Life. He is widely praised for his vivid characters, and Dennis Lehane has called him “the greatest writer of dialogue, living or dead, this country has ever produced.”

Price is also an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, whose scripts include The Color of Money, Mad Dog and Glory, Ransom, and, with Spike Lee, Clockers. He has written several episodes of the highly acclaimed HBO series The Wire, and has briefly appeared as an actor in that series and several films. In 1999, he received the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature.

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