Best Books About Politics

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Our host, Daniel Menaker, recommends Scott Simon's Windy City on the blog this week, a novel about politics in Chicago. It got me thinking of my favorite books about politics, and I realized that I haven't read all that many. Michael Lewis' TRAIL FEVER, about the 1996 presidential campaign, is one of my all-time favorites, insightful and hysterically funny. (I think it's now published under the tite LOSERS.)

Who has good recommendations for books about the subject? (Also, is there a biography of Richard Nixon that's considered the best? Thanks...)

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I've heard from friend of

I've heard from friend of mine The Invincible Quest by Conrad Black is a good one, though I haven't read it so I can't say for sure.

One of the worst books about Politics is Mao: The Unknown Story. It misuses and even excludes what I thought were major facts from its assertions and evaluations of Mao's life.

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Does the book in question

Does the book in question have to be non-fiction? What about "All the King's Men"?

For Nixon I'd recommend Garry Wills.